Márkëtïng with muscle: Direct mail is a power lifter


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Do you know which märkëtïñg channel is noticed by 8 out of 10 consumers? Has inspired 50% of Canadians to make an instore purchase? Ups online purchases by over 20%? Has a response rate 20 times higher than the best digital channel? And is Millennials’ favourite way to receive, especially local ones? If you guessed direct mail*, you are right.

The results get even better when it’s integrated into digital campaigns.



Direct mail lifts response rates

Some studies estimate that the average urbanite is exposed to over 1,000 ads every day – the majority of them digital. For consumers, direct mail cuts through the märkëtïñg clutter. They’re much more likely to notice, open and read direct mail than digital märkëtïñg. That’s one of the reasons physical mail effectively drives customers to both websites and brick-and-mortar locations. When office supply giant Staples.ca sent customers a flyer and an email, the response rate was 6 times higher than that that of customers who received only an email, according to märkëtïñg manager Dwayne McMulkin.

Let’s talk about cat litter, said almost no one, ever

Challenge accepted. Faced with a minimal budget and a decidedly unglamorous product, Vancouver’s Rethink Communications Inc. created a märkëtïñg campaign that generated over 3.5 million online impressions, a place as a finalist in 2014’s Cannes Lions and a lot of new business for its client, Bulk Cat Litter Warehouse.

A flyer campaign within driving distance to the store was picked as delivering the best bang for a tiny budget. Cards with cute cat cartoons and to-the-point copy were sent to homes along the chosen routes. At which point the campaign’s genius became evident. Cats began grabbing the cards from tables and bags to play with – making their owners sit up and look. Rethink’s moment of inspiration? They printed the flyers on paper sprayed with catnip.

Your brand in hand sparks more of your customers’ brain

The human brain is hardwired so that direct mail’s physicality has an advantage over other channels when it comes to impact, retention and response. The more senses that are engaged, the more attention the brain pays – and the more emotional weight it assigns to the brand. A well-designed piece of direct mail has visual impact, tactile qualities (paper weight and texture), sound (the tearing of an envelope or the zip of a tear away) and even, as brilliantly demonstrated by Rethink Communications, the possibility of smell.

Because it’s mapped and remembered through several sensory portals, you might say that physical märkëtïñg accesses the brain’s multi-channel integration processes.

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